Vital Statistics Edit

  • Son of Sir Thomas Chapman (1756-1837) and Margaret Fetherston or Fetherstonhaugh
  • 1811-Nov-04 : Birth at Killua Castle, Westmeath Co, Ireland 
  • 1841-Jul-14 : Marriage to Martha Louisa Vansittart (1812-1889), daughter of Arthur Vansittart,  
  • 1889-Jan-25: Death at South Dublin, Ireland  (see Ireland Civil Records - 1st Quarter 1889)

Biography Edit

William Chapman lived at South Hill, Delvin, County Westmeath, Ireland.

Children of William Chapman and Louisa Vinsittart Edit

  1. Major William Eden Chapman (1844-1870) - He died on 6 May 1870 at age 25 after he had gained the rank of Major in the service of the 15th Hussars.
  2. Thomas Robert Tighe Chapman (1846-1919) - 7th and last Chapman Baronet and father to T.E. Lawrence
  3. Caroline Margaret Chapman (1851-1920) - who married her cousin, the 5th Chapman Baronet,
  4. Francis Vinsittart Chapman (1850-1915)

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