William Coutts Keppel, 7th Earl of Albemarle, was born 15 April 1832 in London, England, United Kingdom to George Thomas Keppel, 6th Earl of Albemarle (1799-1891) and Susan Trotter (1806-1885) and died 28 August 1894 in Prospect House, Barnes, Greater London, England, United Kingdom of unspecified causes. He married Sophia Mary MacNab (1832-1917) 15 November 1855 in Dundurn Castle, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Notable ancestors include Robert I of Scotland (1274-1329), Charlemagne (747-814), William I of England (1027-1087), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Henry II of England (1133-1189), Alfred the Great (849-899), Rurik (c832-879). Ancestors are from the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Scotland, England, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belarus, Bohemia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Israel, Ireland, Turkey, the Byzantine Empire.


Offspring of William Coutts Keppel and Sophia Mary MacNab (1832-1917)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Arnold Allen Cecil Keppel, 8th Earl of Albemarle (1858-1942) 1 June 1858 Sloane Street, Chelsea, London, England, United Kingdom 12 April 1942 Gertrude Lucia Egerton (1861-1943)

Gertrude Mary Keppel (1859-1860)
Theodora Keppel (1862-1945) 11 January 1862 30 October 1945 William Leslie Davidson (1850-1915)

Derek William George Keppel (1863-1944) 7 April 1863 26 April 1944 Bridget Louisa Harbord (1870-1951)

Hilda Mary Keppel (1864-1955)
George Keppel (1865-1947) 14 October 1865 22 November 1947 Alice Frederica Edmonstone (1868-1947)

Leopoldina Olivia Keppel (1866-1948)
Susan Mary Keppel (1868-1953)
Mary Stuart Keppel (1869-1906)
Florence Cecilia Keppel (1871-1963)

Namesakes of William Coutts Keppel, 7th Earl of Albemarle (1832-1894)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
William Arnold Walpole Keppel (1804-1888)St. George Hanover Square, Greater London, England, United KingdomFrederick Keppel (1762-1830)Louisa Clive (-1832)Frances Georgiana Sophia Marsham (1810-1883)
William Charles Keppel, 4th Earl of Albemarle (1772-1849)Quidenham, Norfolk, England, United KingdomGeorge Keppel, 3rd Earl of Albemarle (1724-1772)Ann Miller (-1824)Elizabeth Southwell (1776-1817)+Charlotte Susanna Hunloke (-1862)
William Coutts Keppel, 7th Earl of Albemarle (1832-1894)London, England, United KingdomProspect House, Barnes, Greater London, England, United KingdomGeorge Thomas Keppel, 6th Earl of Albemarle (1799-1891)Susan Trotter (1806-1885)Sophia Mary MacNab (1832-1917)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General

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