William Crawford Bonner, Sr.
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Sex: Male
Birth: 14 Jan 1900
Beaufort County, North Carolina
Death: 17 Apr 1988
Royal, Aurora, Beaufort, North Carolina
Burial: 1988
Aurora Cemetery, Beaufort, North Carolina
Father: Thomas Pasteur Bonner (1875-1938)
Mother: Eula Lee Hooker (1880-1957)
Spouse/Partner: Ruth Louise Allen (1903-1985)
Marriage: 02 Jun 1923
Children: William Crawford Bonner, Jr.
Teresa Raye Bonner
Wilbur Lee Bonner (1928-1987)
Richard Thomas Bonner
Janet Ann Bonner
Ruth Allen Bonner

Biography Edit


WC and Ruth Bonner with their three oldest children, Bill (left), Lee (middle) and Tessie (right).

W.C. was born in Beaufort County, North Carolina to Thomas Pasteur Bonner (1875-1938) and Eula Lee Hooker (1880-1957). WC grew up in Aurora, Beaufort County, and when he grew older he moved to Virginia (either Petersburg or South Norfolk). He married Ruth Louise Allen (1903-1985), the daughter of Sylvestor Rufus Allen and Faith Wilbur Ostrander (1883-1960) in 02 Jun 1923. By 1930 WC and Ruth lived in Colonial Heights, Chesterfield County, Virginia. It was there that WC attempted to start his own trucking business but he was ran out by the mafia. He returned to Aurora where he operated a tug boat, transporting barges from Washington to Aurora. He later started a General Merchandise store (the same profession as his father, Tom).

WC was a faithful church man who knew right from wrong and lived by what he knew. Every night, he and his wife, Ruth would read the scriptures before going to bed. Later in life he became a member of the Freemasons. He ran "W.C. Bonner's Grocery" until he died in 1988.

WC and Ruth Bonner (front) with five of their children (from left to right): Tommy, Ann, Tess, Ruth and Bill