United States Representative and Senator William Crosby Dawson was born in Greensboro, Greene County, Georgia on January 4, 1798, son of George Dawson (1760-1825) and Katie Ruth Marston (1762-1824). He graduated from Franklin College (now part of the University of Georgia, Athens, Clarke County, Georgia in 1816. Dawson continued his studies in law, was admitted to the bar and began his law practice in Greensboro, GA. He was elected to the Georgia General Assembly before being elected as a Representative to the 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th Congresses, serving from November 7, 1836 to November 13, 1841. He was elected to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1849, to March 3, 1855. Dawson died in Greensboro, GA on May 5, 1856 and is buried in Greensboro City Cemetery, Greene County, Georgia.

Dawson married on January 28, 1819 in Greene Co. Henrietta M. Wingfield (1801-1850), daughter of Thomas Wingfield, IV (1776-1836) and Sidney Mounger. They were the parents of eighter children: Thomas Reid Dawson, Henry Mounger Dawson, George Oscar Daswon, Lucian Wingfield Dawson, Henrietta Wingfield Dawson, Emma Caldeonia Dawson, Edgar Gilmer Dawson and Thomas Wingfield Dawson.