William Douglas Cramp was born 1 November 1869 in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia to William George Cramp (1847-1912) and Sophia Rayner (1846-1916) and died 10 September 1900 in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. He married Bertha Marion Allen (1872-1967) 1891 in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom, Australia.


Offspring of William Douglas Cramp and Bertha Marion Allen (1872-1967)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Sarah Ellen Cramp (1892-1965) 1893 Grafton, New South Wales, Australia 1965 Alexander Grant Walls (1879-1912)
Ernest James Clark (1891-)
Ernest Watts (-)

William George Thomas Cramp (1893-1969)
Raymond John Percival Cramp (1895-1980) 14 November 1895 Maclean, New South Wales, Australia 20 April 1981 Palm Beach, Queensland, Australia Florence Rosina Goodall (1902-1978)

Lyra Sophia May Cramp (1898-1973) 26 June 1898 Ballina, New South Wales, Australia 19 August 1973 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Clarence Henry Stocks (1894-1932)

Ethel Clara Irene Cramp (1900-?)

Namesakes of William Douglas Cramp (1869-1900)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
William Cramp (1853-1912)Bodiam, East Sussex, England, United KingdomHastings, East Sussex, England, United KingdomSamuel Cramp (c1831-1887)Charlotte Page (1834-1893)Emily Smith (1855-1938)
William Cramp (1806-aft1881)Hastings, Sussex, England, United KingdomJoseph Cramp (c1778-)Frances Sharpe (c1782-)Charlotte Ann Pretty (1810-aft1848)
William Cramp (1849-1884)Brenchley, Kent, England, United KingdomMaryborough, Queensland, AustraliaGeorge Cramp (1811-1871)Keziah Pierson (c1828-1870)Mary Ann Martin (1851-1875)+Mirinda Whayman (1856-1929)
William Cramp (1877-1917)Forest Lodge, New South Wales, AustraliaFranceJohn Alfred Cramp (c1849-1910)Fanny Sophia Lloyd (c1852-1926)Mary Abberina Rawson (bef1888-c1953)
William Alfred Cramp (1849-1919)Ticehurst, Sussex, England, United KingdomTamworth, New South Wales, AustraliaEdmund Cramp (c1821-1895)Caroline Pellett (1824-1896)Annie Maria Hills (1853-1935)
William Clifford Cramp (1874-1947)Binda, New South Wales, AustraliaBinda, New South Wales, AustraliaGeorge Cook Cramp (1836-1915)Mary Ann Pearce (1836-1914)
William Douglas Cramp (1869-1900)Grafton, New South Wales, AustraliaLismore, New South Wales, AustraliaWilliam George Cramp (1847-1912)Sophia Rayner (1846-1916)Bertha Marion Allen (1872-1967)
William George Cramp (1847-1912)London, Middlesex, England, United KingdomMaclean, New South Wales, AustraliaThomas George Cramp (1818-1865)Sarah Lefley (1824-1906)Sophia Rayner (1846-1916) + Sarah Jane Lewis (1879-1959)
William Horace Cramp (1872-1940)Neath, Glamorgan, Wales, United KingdomJames Cramp (1842-1877)Theodosia Roberts (1842-1910)Catherine Ann Taylor (1881-1968)
William John Cramp (1893-1972)Crookwell, New South Wales, AustraliaJulia Creek, Queensland, AustraliaAlfred Ernest Cramp (1864-1955)Margaret Williams (1865-1953)Elsie Aileen Larkham (1898-1972)
William John Cramp (c1834-bef1886)Deptford, Kent, England, United KingdomWilliam Cramp (1806-aft1881)Charlotte Ann Pretty (1810-aft1848)Abigail Elizabeth Threader (1842-1912)
William Robert Cramp (1880-1929)Saltwater Creek, Queensland, AustraliaPukekohe, New ZealandWilliam Cramp (1849-1884)Mirinda Whayman (1856-1929)Annie Patterson Allison (1877-1969)
William Thomas Cramp (1849-1935)Hobart, Tasmania, Australia8 Tower Road, New Town, Tasmania, AustraliaRichard James Cramp (c1821-1877)Eliza Sadler (c1824-1878)Henrietta Jane Ludbey (c1845-1918)
William Thomas Cramp (1872-1961)Launceston, Tasmania, AustraliaSpringvale, Victoria, AustraliaHenry Cramp (1816-1884)Sophia Parsons (c1826-1894)Ada Jane Talbot (1881-1951)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General

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