William Edward Vickery
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Sex: Male
Birth: March 2, 1847
in Elbert County, Georgia
Death: July 21, 1928
in DeKalb County, Georgia
Burial: Mt. Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery,
Hartwell, Hart County, Georgia
Father: James A. Vickery
Mother: Caroline Elizabeth Scott
Spouse/Partner: Martha Ann Powell
Marriage: December 16, 1866
in Hart County, Georgia
2nd Spouse: Nancy Matilda Powell
2nd Marriage: c. 1900

         William Edward "Eddie" Vickery was one of the many children of James A. and Caroline Elizabeth Scott Vickery. I don't know too much about him, but in the 1880's, he moved his family from Hartwell, GA, to Hodges, AL. Here they remained until his wife, Martha, died of tuberculosis. They then moved back to Hartwell about 1900 where Eddie remarried to his late wife's sister. My grandmother remembers seeing him picking fruit while on a visit to Alabama in his last years.

         Interestingly, there is a grave recorded for him in Hodges as well as Hartwell. I understood that Hartwell was his burial place. Perhaps he was exhumed from one place and reburied in the other. Very interesting.


Name Birth Death
Children of William Edward Vickery and Martha Ann Powell

Marian E. Vickery October 17, 1868
Hart County, Georgia
January 1, 1950

Joseph Tinsley Vickery July 11, 1870
Hart County, Georgia
October 23, 1960

Alice Lillian Vickery April 10, 1872
Hart County, Georgia

Early Columbus Vickery April 23, 1874
Hart County, Georgia
September 19, 1965
Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama

Nancy Palmyra Vickery June 6, 1876
Hart County, Georgia
August 10, 1966
Hart County, Georgia

Lonnie Isham Vickery July 23, 1878
Hart County, Georgia
June 29, 1954
Hart County, Georgia

William A. Vickery April ??, 1880
Hart County, Georgia

Minor Vickery February 21, 1882
Hart County, Georgia
February 15, 1965
Anderson County, South Carolina

Andrew Hebron Vickery January 8, 1883
Hart County, Georgia
December 19, 1944

Wayman Waco Vickery March 3, 1886
Hart County, Georgia
June 23, 1957
Haleyville, Marion County, Alabama

Jonah Carsel Vickery January 27, 1888
Hart County, Georgia
October 20, 1967

Elsie Lola Vickery August 23, 1891
Hart County, Georgia
August 15, 1967
Children of William Edward Vickery and Nancy Matilda Powell


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  • Wittichen, Ivy Vickery. Personal memories.

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