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WILLIAM ELTONHEAD, son of RICHARD ELTONHEAD and ANN SUTTON, was a special agent for LORD BALTIMORE in Maryland. William arrived in Maryland in the ship Golden Fortune as Lord Baltimore's representative to recapture the records then in the care of Richard Preston, the commander of the Patuxent, and one of the commissioners to govern Maryland under OLIVER CROMWELL. William Eltonhead lost his life for his part in the engagement between the Puritans and the Lord Baltimore's party.

WILLIAM's wife JANE FENWICK survived. His nuncupative will was probated in Calvert County, Maryland 5 October 1658. He left his will to his wife and children desiring his wife to set apart for ROBERT and RICHARD FENWICK.

SOURCE: Virginia Genealogies, A Genealogy of the Glassell Family of Scotland and Virginia by Horace Edwin Hayden. Sidelight of Maryland History by Hester Dorsey Richardson.

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