Personal factsEdit

  • Occupation: Governor of West Virginia 1989-1997





  • Name: Ella Dee Kessel
  • Married:
  • Divorced:
  • Children:
    • William Gaston Caperton IV
    • John Caperton

  • Name: Rachael Worby
  • Married:


1st GenerationEdit

  • 1 William Gaston Caperton III (1940)

2nd GenerationEdit

3rd GenerationEdit

4th GenerationEdit

5th GenerationEdit

6th GenerationEdit

7th GenerationEdit

8th GenerationEdit

9th GenerationEdit

10th GenerationEdit


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  2. ^ Eliza Ambler Caperton, 5/17/1908 - 5/13/1991, the mother of Gov. Gaston Caperton, died this morning May 13, 1991 at her Charleston home after a home, after a long illness and complications resulting from pneumonia, according to the governor's office. She was 83. Mrs. Caperton was born in Japan, the daughter of Episcopal missionaries. She attended Hollins College and Medical College of Virginia. She married William Gaston Caperton Jr. in 1932. The longtime insurance executive died in in May 1989. Mrs. Caperton was active in many community affairs. The governor and first lady Rachael Worby spent Mother's Day at her side, said George Manahan, spokesman for the governor. They also were with her early today. In addition to the governor, Mrs. Caperton is survived by her daughter, Cary Caperton Owen of Asheville, N.C., six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Final funeral arrangements have not been made. The family request that people make donations to St. John's Episcopal Church in Mrs. Caperton's name.


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