William Honnyng
Sex: Male
Birth: 1520
Death: 17 November 1569
Father: Roger Honnyng
Mother: Margaret Owle
Spouse/Partner: Frances Cutler
Marriage: c. 1541

William Honnyng, born, probably in London, to Roger Honnyng and Margaret nee Owle. Educated, perhaps at St Pauls School, London. 1538: became the clerk for Edmund Bonner, then ambassador to Paris. Some time after Oct 1541 he was appointed one of the four clerks of the Signet. On 23 April 1543 he was appointed one of the two clerks of the Privy Council. 1544: buys Carleton Manor in Suffolk for £200. 1547: MP for Winchester. 1553: MP for Orford, Suffolk. 1569: died; buried in Eye Church, Suffolk


William and Frances had 14 children:


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