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Ebalus of Aquitaine (c870-935)
William III of Aquitaine (c900-963)
William IV of Aquitaine (937-994)
Rollo of Normandy (860-932)
Gerloc de Normandie (?-962)
Poppa van Bayeux (c870-c910)
William V of Aquitaine (969-1030)
Thibault de Blois (890-928)
Thibaut I de Blois (913-975)
Richilde du Maine (892-922)
Emma de Blois (-1003)
Herbert II de Vermandois (884-943)
Liutgarde de Vermandois (c920-978)
Hildebranda of France (895-931)
William VIII of Aquitaine (1025-1086)
Berengar II of Italy (900-966)
Adalberto di Ivrea (c934-971)
Willa of Arles (912-970)
Otto-William de Bourgogne (962-1026)
Gerberga de Macon (?-c988)
Agnes de Bourgogne (c995-1068)
Renaud de Roucy (-967)
Ermentrude de Roucy (-c1004)
Giselbert de Lorraine (c885-939)
Alberade de Lorraine (c929-c967)
Gerberga von Sachsen (913-969)
William IX of Aquitaine (1071-1126)
Hugh the Great (898-956)
Hugh Capet (c940-996)
Hadwig von Sachsen (c917-959)
Robert II of France (972-1031)
William III of Aquitaine (c900-963)
Adelaide of Aquitaine (c945-1004)
Gerloc de Normandie (?-962)
Robert I de Bourgogne (1011-1076)
Boson II of Arles (928-968)
Guillaume I de Provence (956-993)
Constance de Provence (920-c964)
Constance of Arles (986-1034)
Fulk II, Count of Anjou (?-958)
Adelaide of Anjou (c947-1026)
Gerberge of Maine (?-?)
Hildegard de Bourgogne (c1056-1104)
Fulk II, Count of Anjou (?-958)
Geoffrey I of Anjou (-987)
Gerberge of Maine (?-?)
Fulk III, Count of Anjou (972-1040)
Robert de Vermandois (918-968)
Adele of Meaux (c950-c980)
Adelaide-Werra de Chalon (920-967)
Ermengarde of Anjou (c1018-1076)
Hildegarde de Beaugency (c990-)

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