William Lynch was born circa 1822 in Ireland to Patrick Lynch (abt1785-aft1822) and Susan McMain (1790-1873) and died 23 November 1881 in Ackley, Iowa, United States of unspecified causes. He married Mary McCullough (1827-aft1900) 1849 in St Sylvestre, Quebec, Canada.


Offspring of William Lynch and Mary McCullough (1827-aft1900)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Patrick Lynch (1849-1855)
Mary Jane Lynch (1852-1932)
James Lynch (1854-1919)
John Lynch (1856-1909)
Susan Lynch (1858-1934)
Elizabeth Lynch (1860-1944)
Arthur Francis Lynch (1863-1938) 9 April 1863 Quebec, Canada 31 January 1938 Murray County, Minnesota, United States Anna Catherine Bangasser (1876-1958)

Joseph Lynch (1864-1937)
Anna Lynch (1867-1957)
William Andrew Lynch (1869-1930)
Daniel H. Lynch (1871-1940)
David Charles Lynch (1873-1875)
Edward Lynch (1882-1936)


The 1900 census lists Edward as 'Son (adopted)'. He was born in New York, as were both his parents.

Oral History

Life Resume of the Lynches The Story of the Lynches, as told by Aunt Lizzie Lynch O’Hearn to Clarice Lynch in Eldora, July 1941.

(We feel sure that this story is not complete, but can assure you it will prove very interesting to anyone having the time to read it.)

The story dates back to the very early 1800’s. Patrick Lynch and Susan McMain Lynch (born in 1790) were married in Ireland in 1817. To this union, six children were born: James, William, John, Andrew, Margaret and Jane. Patrick, the father, died of cholera and was buried in Ireland. The exact date of his death and the date when Susan and her family moved to Canada are not known, but the next part of our story is taken up in Canada. The family settled in St. Sylvester Parish, Canada.

The Children

James, the oldest, was fussy and hard to get along with; married, and his children were Susan, Margaret, Jane, Mary, Frances, Emma, Patrick, James, John, and Michael. This family moved to Rippon, Wisconsin, and continued to live there.

William, second son, Father and Grandfather of the clan to which we belong, married Mary McCullough in Canada in 1849. The story will be taken up a little later.

Andrew, a small man and easy going, married, but his wife died when his children were very young. His children, five in number, Susan, Rosanne, Patrick, Andrew, and another little girl, whose name Aunt Lizzie could not remember. This family also came to Rippon, Wisconsin in 1867 with the William Lynch family to seek a living.

Margaret married a man by the name of Harrington, who proved to be a good-for-nothing; lived in Canada and nothing more seems to be known of the family.

John was a great deal like his Mother (Susan McMain Lynch), very hard to get along with. He worked in the States most of the time, but one particular incident is told about him is this: As a surprise for his Mother, he bought her a dress in the States, but on presenting it to her, she was so disgusted, and she threw the dress at John. This hurt his pride, and he walked out and disappeared. The family thinks he went to the States, probably New York State, but nothing was heard of him again.

Jane, the youngest, never married, and worked in the States and died young. Susan McMain Lynch, on returning home from Mass on Sunday, in Quebec, was knocked down by a cutter, making her a cripple, very crippled in fact, as she always used crutches until she died. This made her very dependent on the family and it fell on our Grandfather to take care of her.

William Lynch married Mary McCullough in Quebec, Canada in 1849; he was 29 and Mary was 22. Twelve children were born to this union: Patrick, Mary Jane, James, John, Susan, Elizabeth, Arthur, Joseph and Anne; all were born in Canada. William, Daniel and Charles were born in Ackley, Iowa. Edward was adopted by Grandpa and Grandma Lynch. In 1867, William Lynch and family, Andrew Lynch and children, with Susan McMcain Lynch, came to Rippon, Wisconsin. James Lynch and his family were already there. William and Andrew’s families rented rooms over a store building, but William wasn’t satisfied with Wisconsin. They stayed there just six weeks and started out for Ackley, Iowa. It was still the year of 1867 when Grandfather William Lynch bought the 60 acres three miles north of Ackley. The home that was on this farm in 1867 is still on the farm, although it has been enlarged and changed some. Aunt Kate Lynch owns this farm at the present time (1942)-it has always been in the Lynch family since Grandfather Lynch purchased it.

Leaving Wisconsin, William left Grandmother Susan with Andrew to make a home for Andy’s children, but Andy and Grandmother just couldn’t get along, so sometime the following year, Grandfather Lynch, on hearing that John Kennefick and his bride of Ackley were to be in the vicinity of Rippon, Wisconsin, gave John K. money for Grandmother Susan’s carfare back to Ackley, but in some way or other, the older Grandmother having always been waited on and cared for, on account of her crippled condition, got left, and lo and behold was sent back to Rippon, Wisconsin, much to Andy’s displeasure, but later Grandfather William went to Rippon and brought her back to Ackley, Iowa, but it was rather hard, as Grandmother Susan expected a bed to herself, and the house being small and the family quite large at this time, it really proved a hardship to the family.

Uncle John McCullough came to live in the Lynch homestead in the year 1868, bringing John Lynch, age 12, son of William and Mary. Auntie Ann, Uncle John McCullough’s wife, lost a baby girl in the old Lynch home in the year of 1868 or ‘69. Grandmother Susan died January 1875, age 83, and is buried in the family lot in Ackley. About the year of 1874, Grandmother and Grandfather McCullough, our Grandma Lynch’s parents, came to live at the Lynch home in Ackley, and sometime around this time, the 60 acres were increased to 100 acres. Two bedrooms were added to the old home, the McCulloughs using one, and Grandma and Grandpa using the other.

Grandpa William Lynch died in 1881. He had been poorly for sometime with some sort of throat trouble that later some of the grandchildren thought might have been a goiter. He is buried in Ackley, dying at the age of 68.

McCullough Arthur McCullough, born in Ireland in 1801, and Mary McKenna McCullough, born in Ireland in 1878, (this is how the dates are shown in the book, but they are actually Arthur 1799 and Mary 1808) married and came to Canada on their honeymoon, making their home in Quebec, Canada. Their family consisted of Mary, married to William Lynch, James, a nice young man, very smart, well educated, studied for the priesthood, but before being ordained, visited home and met Julia Fountain, went back to school, but returned home and married Julia. Their children; John, Mary Frances (who married), Elizabeth and Jimmie.

James had one bad fault, that of drinking, and would go away for a short period of time. Later he moved his family to Detroit, Michigan, was away from home most of the time, but always sent money home. His family heard from him, saying he would be home at a certain time by boat, but this boat sank, and nothing more was heard of him. Aunt Julia left with her children, very beautiful and smart. Elizabeth McCullough visited Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Dan O’Hearn in Hampton, Iowa, and was very popular with the boys. In 1920, Aunt Sue and Kathryn being in Chicago, called this cousin Elizabeth and planned to meet her, but missed each other. Nothing more has been heard of her.

John-Uncle John McCullough, known by so many of us who belong to the Ackley Lynches, married Mary Ann McKeena. Their children were Sarah, Maggie, Emma, Lena and Jay. Uncle John and Auntie Ann, together with Grandma Lynch’s parents, are buried in the McCullough lot in Ackley. Had always made their home in Ackley. Jane married when she was rather old, a man by the name of Lynch, but no relation to Grandpa Lynch. Eliza, or Elizabeth, married Pat Daughtery. Their children are Mary, John (only son), and Annie. More children, but we don’t know how many. The father was very fond of the son John, but when John was 13, he was taken very sick. He went into a faint and when he came to, he told his father that he had talked to God and the God wanted him, but if his father wanted him, he would continue to live. Pat said, “Go to God, my son.” and John died immediately.

Dan was old when he married, but had one child. Our Lynches knew this Dan, but didn’t know very much about him. Grandmother McCullough was the loveliest person and thought much of Grandpa William Lynch. She died in Ackley in ????. Grandfather McCullough died in 1885.

The Lynch Clan Mary McCullough, born in 1827 in Canada, married to William Lynch, born in Ireland in 1820. They were married in 1849. Twelve children were born to this union. Patrick, born in 1849, died 1855, buried in Canada. Mary Jane, born 1852, died 1932. James, born, 1854, died 1919. John, born 1856, died 1909. Susan, born 1858, died 1935. Elizabeth, born 1860, still living. Arthur, born 1862, died 1938. Joseph, born 1864, died 1937. Anna, born 1867, still living. William, born 1869, still living. Daniel, born 1871, died 1940. Charles, born 1875, died 1875. Edward (adopted), born 1882, died 1936.

An incident told about Aunt Lizzie on their way to Wisconsin from Canada, Aunt Lizzie, 8 years old, while they were changing trains in Milwaukee, accompanied by Andy and his five children, Grandmother Susan and Grandpa and Grandma Lynch and family, got lost while entertaining herself, missed the crowd getting on the train, but thanks to a kindhearted policeman, with much speed, she was thrown on the train and was tickled to see her Daddy again.

Susan and John before either were married rented a large ranch affair of a farm from John Brown, in South Dakota and lived on it for two years. In late years, Grandma Lynch heard of a young man by the name of Lynch, who had studied in Canada, was ordained a priest, and later made a Bishop. Whether or not he is related to us, we never found out. On Grandmother’s death, the old homestead was left to Art, Will, Joe and Dan. Art married and lived on it for a while, but Uncle Dan’s family has had it for years. Aunt Kate still owns it, and has rented it.

Mary Jane married in Eldora in 1870 to Hiram Davis, both buried in Albia.

James married in Ackley in 1905 to Johanna Ryan, both are buried in Ackley.

John married in Parkersburg in 1895 to Mary Farley, both are buried in Emmetsburg, Iowa.

Susan married in Tyndal, South Dakota, to James Quinn in 1886. Susan is buried in Waterloo, James in Ackley.

Lizzie married in Ackley to Dan O’Hearn in 1878, Dan is buried in Tracy, Minnesota.

Arthur married in Freeport, Illinois to Anna Bangasser in 1906. He is buried in Tracy, Minnesota.

Joseph married Hannah Brown in Lyons, Nebraska in 1897. He is buried in Mason City, Iowa.

Annie married Tom Megan in 1892. Tom is buried in Secor.

William married Catherine Dawson in 1907. She is buried in Mallard, Iowa. He later married Julia Dolan in 1925.

Daniel married Catherine Carroll Lamb in 1914. He is buried in Ackley.

Edward married Emma Bangasser in 1906. He is buried in Ackley.


WPA records show a Wm. Lynch died Nov 23, 1881 at age 60. He is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Osceola Township in Ackley, IA. This is a likely match, but not definitive. [Grave]


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