b. 11/17/1820 - d. 11/1/1898


William Sanford Brown: Courtesy of the Margaret Brown Coppinger family.


William Sanford Brown was born in the beautiful Collins River Valley of Warren County, Tennessee. He preached at least occasionally at Shiloh Methodist Church, before moving to the "Backbone" near Beersheba Springs, Tennessee in Grundy County, Tennessee on land that once belonged to his father-in-law Isham Dykes (1773-1871). As an early Methodist minister in this region, he rode a circuit that included several churches. He is buried at the Shiloh Methodist Church cemetery.


Wm. Sanford Brown tombstone at Shiloh Church in the Collins River Valley, Warren County, TN.



Nancy Dykes (1821-1908)


  1. Jackson VanBuren Brown (1840-?)
  2. Russell Lassiter Brown (1842-1932)
  3. James Knox Polk Brown (c1844-1918)
  4. William Almond Brown (1847-1926)
  5. Norris Burr Brown (1849-1941)
  6. Mary Elizabeth Brown (1852-1898)
  7. Hezekiah Wesley Brown (1854-1925)
  8. Louisa Jane Brown (1857-1857)
  9. Prudence Susan Brown (1858-?)
  10. Leander Virgil Brown (1861-1940)
  11. Anna D. Brown (1864-1884)


  1. Beersheba1


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