William Stuart-Forbes was born 16 June 1835 to Charles Hay Forbes (1806-1859) and Jemima Rebecca MacDonell (1814-1905) and died 5 July 1906 in New Zealand of unspecified causes. He married Marion Watts (-1889) 1 July 1865 . He married Florence Rose (-) 1900 . Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.

A Baronet, one of few in New Zealand.

Sir William Forbes, 9th Baronet, of Pitsligo and Monymusk in the County of Aberdeen (1835-1906) (see Forbes baronets) - baronetcy inherited from an uncle


Offspring of Charles Hay Forbes and Jemima Rebecca MacDonell (1814-1905)
Name Birth Death Joined with
William Stuart-Forbes (1835-1906) 16 June 1835 5 July 1906 New Zealand Marion Watts (-1889)
Florence Rose (-)

John Stuart Forbes (1849-1876)
Elizabeth Jane Forbes (-1901)
Adelaide Louisa Forbes (-1933)
Alexander Charles Forbes (1837-1902)
Henrietta Jemima Forbes (1841-1883) 1841 Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom 10 June 1883 Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom Walter Hiley (1832-1896)


Offspring of William Stuart-Forbes and Marion Watts (-1889)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Emma Louisa Forbes (c1867-1939)
Marion Elizabeth Forbes (c1869-1940)
Charles Hay Hepburn Stuart-Forbes (1871-1927)
William Forbes (1876-1938)
Katherine Evelyn Forbes (1878-1895)
Adelaide Amy Forbes (1880-1965)
Hugh Forbes (1882-1938)
Beatrice Fullarton Forbes (1884-1971)
Georgina Gordon Forbes (1885-1962)
Hilda Hiley Forbes (1887-1887)
Mildred Gwendolen Forbes (1889-1965)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
₪ Wedding
  • Possibly in Nelson, where the bride's family lived.
¢ Children
  • Quoting from KiwiWiki: "... burial at Clareville Cemetery, for Lady Marion Stuart-Forbes and family.
"Marion Stuart-Forbes wife of Sir William Stuart-Forbes died 12 December 1889. Hilda Hiley died 19 May 1887. Katherine Evelyn died 12 April 1895, Emma Louise died 1939. And in another grave in the same cemetery, there is a burial for Marion E. Renwick second daughter of Sir William and Lady Marion Stuart-Forbes died March 11. 1940. Marion married Thomas Renwick nephew to Thomas Renwick of Nelson.
"Sadly Hilda Hiley was only 5 months old when she died, ..."


  Robin Patterson