William Stubbs was born circa 1767 in Soho, Greater London, England, United Kingdom and died 29 May 1805 in Hawkesbury River, New South Wales, Australia of drowning, caught in reeds in river. He married Sarah Wingate (1774-1838) 27 May 1796 in St Annes, Soho, Greater London, England, United Kingdom.

Arrived in New South Wales on 13 Jun 1802 on the Coromandel as a free settler, with his wife and family.


Offspring of William Stubbs and Sarah Wingate (1774-1838)
Name Birth Death Joined with
William Stubbs (1796-1852) 13 November 1796 Soho, Greater London, England, United Kingdom 2 January 1852 Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia Mary Ann Rodgers (1803-1843)

Sarah Mary Stubbs (1798-1878) 1798 Soho, Greater London, England, United Kingdom 14 October 1878 Wisemans Ferry, New South Wales, Australia Thomas Woods (c1796-1837)
John Chaseling (1799-1876)

Thomas Andrew Stubbs (1798-1799)
Elizabeth Stubbs (1800-1873) 12 December 1800 Soho, Greater London, England, United Kingdom 7 December 1873 Macdonald River, New South Wales, Australia Jeremiah Sullivan (c1794-1862)

Keturah Stubbs (1804-1880) 31 March 1804 Lower Portland Head, New South Wales, Australia 29 March 1880 Grafton, New South Wales, Australia George Everingham (1799-1881)

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