Im continuing with my Mother Aunties Family History. I have been given 2 Parts of Family Trees but they dont seem to have a common denominator in them and Im sure they must be linked some how for Auntie Rose to have them both. The part that has the most information on it has your name as well as your descendents. On Rose's all i have is Mary Roseanne' Harvey Carpenter,Clarence James, Frances Arthur and Andrew Joseph. and all their families etc.There is no mention of Francis irene or Patrick Clive who was my mother's father. Do you have any additional information that I could use. 12:55, December 2, 2010 (UTC)

Four or more generations of descendants of William Taaffe (1852-1933) if they are properly linked:
1. William Taaffe (1852-1933)

2. William Taaffe (1875-1921)
2. Walter Benjamin Taaffe (1877-1942)
2. Thomas Joseph Taaffe (1879-1933)
2. Mary Dorothy Taaffe (1882-1946)
3. Rita Mary Gillies (1907-1993)
3. Ivan William Duncan Gillies (c1908-1972)
3. Kenneth King Neil Gillies (c1910-1970)
3. Alice A Gillies (c1911-?)
3. Athol John Joseph Gillies (c1913-1964)
3. Mavis Belle Gillies (c1915-1996)
3. Allan Keith Donald Gillies (c1921-1976)
2. Robert James Taaffe (1882-1951)
2. Lawrence George Taaffe (1887-1935)
2. Bella Taaffe (1890-1930)
3. Ailsa Biffin (-)
3. Valmai Biffin (-)

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