William Thomas Early McCurley
Sex: Male
Birth: May 9, 1860 in Hart County, Georgia
Death: June 21, 1944 in Marion County, Alabama
Burial: Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery,
Hodges, Marion County, Alabama
Father: William M. McCurley
Mother: Millie Shiflet
Spouse/Partner: L. Diadame Adams
Marriage: December 21, 1881 in Hart County, Georgia

         Tom McCurley was one of the children of William M. McCurley and Millie Shiflet. He was a Baptist minister of some sort and an entrepreneur. He was among those Hart County, Georgia, citizens who relocated to Marion County, Alabama. He had a general store at some point and was very liberal in extending credit to his customers. He was not so diligent in collecting on these debts unfortunately. Sadly, this came back to haunt him as his store burned down one day and he could not afford to reopen it.

         A brief biography from the late Dr. William V. Weldon's records:

Wm Thomas E. McCurley: Bought 500 acres near Hamilon, Ala., from sale of land in city limits of Hartwell, Ga., where a Jr. High school now stands. He gave 100 acres to each of his children and lived with Lonnie McCurley until his death. He and Lonnie opened a mercantile store in Hodges, Ala., which later burned with no fire ins.

         The records I personally had of him (from other researchers) gave his name as William Thomas Elbert McCurley, but a list of McCurley descendants I received gave it as William Thomas Early McCurley. I have leaned toward the latter for now as it was more recently collected, but I am awaiting definitive proof of either.

         I have also seen his birth year listed as 1858, but I have a more complete date for 1860, so that is what I am using. Also, it seems nearly impossible for the nine children listed after Dewey McCurley's birth in 1898 in my records to have all been born by 1907. That will require some more research.


Name Birth Death
Children of William Thomas Early McCurley and L. Diadame Adams

Mozelle McCurley September 17, 1882
probably Hart County, Georgia

Rellis Weston/Winston McCurley April 19, 1885
Hart County, Georgia
June 10, 1959
Hamilton, Marion County, Alabama

Donie Inez McCurley January 22, 1887
Hart County, Georgia
May 15, 1969 or May 22, 1969
Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama

Edna Gertrude McCurley July 22, 1889
probably Hart County, Georgia
December 28, 1928

Lonnie Eppie McCurley April 29, 1891
probably Hart County, Georgia
May 3, 1967
Marion County, Alabama

Johnny Leo McCurley January 11, 1895
probably Hart County, Georgia
January 8, 1913
Marion County, Alabama

Dewey Thornton McCurley November 10, 1898
probably Hart County, Georgia
April 5, 1900



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