William Wilkerson
Sex: male
Birth: 1720
Death: 1778

William Wilkerson moved his family from Virginia to Granville County North Carolina sometime around 1760. At about this same time a David and John Wilkerson moved into the area. At least one researcher has claimed John as a brother to William. William shows on the Granville tax lists from 1761 through 1780, during which time his sons Hammon and William, Jr. can be seen to reach the age of 16 which was the age at which free men were first listed. His two known sons were born about 1749 and 1752 determined by the tax lists. His only known Granville land purchase was dated 9 Feb 1763 when he bought 253 acres on the south side of the Tar River north of the present community of Wilton. He sold some of this land before he died. His son Hammon sold the last 53 acres in 1783, possibly as de facto administrator of William's estate. When a man died intestate, that duty usually fell on the oldest son. . When the Revolution War began William was one of many Granville residents in debt to British merchants. Investigators, who were trying to resolve these debts about 1800, said William had died leaving his property to his children. They said his son William Jr. had been solvent and living in Granville at the end of the War and another son, Harmon (Hammon), was living in Wilks County, Georgia in good circumstances. Other investigators said a son named Thomas was living in Wilkes County, Georgia in good circumstances. No other trace of a son called Thomas has been found. In fact it would be difficult to fit another son into Williams Sr.'s tax and property records, so it is believed Thomas was actually Hammon. Some researchers have linked William Wilkerson to be the first son of Francis Wilkinson of St Peters New Kent Virginia but the link has not been proven.


Name Birth Death

Hammon Wilkerson 1749
King George County Virginia
Jasper County Georgia

William Jr. Wilkerson 1752
King George County Virginia
August 18 1842
Brown County Indiana


  • Virginia