William Wilson (1834-1876)

Early LifeEdit

William Wilson was born in 1834 in Egham, Surrey, England. His parents were George (born about 1806)- and Frances 'Fanny' Pickett (born about 1811)- Wilson. He was one of thirteen children. This included three girls: Ann, Mary and Sophia, and nine other boys: John, Henry, Michael, George, Albert, Edward, Benjamin, Job and Richard. These children were christened between 1831 and 1851 in Egham, Surrey. William was christened on 24 February 1836. George Wilson, Sr. was a farmer and dairyman and his sons worked on his farm until they grew up and started their own families.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

William Wilson married Esther Larby (1837-1901). It is unknown when and where they were married. They had five children:

  • Frederick Wilson (c.1864-aft.1901) lock-keeper, shipwright
  • Mary J Wilson (c.1868-aft.1881)
  • George Wilson (1870-1937) lock-keeper
  • Emily Wilson (1872-1943) married Ernest George Smith (1875-1942), a grocer and had six children
  • Fanny Maria Wilson (1875-1899) died unmarried

William died in 1876 aged forty-two in Kingston, Surrey. His widow Esther took up a job as a laundress to support her children to go through school.