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Variant(s): Vingblad
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Winblad deaths in Sweden from SVAREdit

  • Johan August Winblad 1836-03-09 Jönköping Kristina
  • Frans Oskar Winblad 1836-10-13 Jönköping Kristina
  • Johan August Winblad 1841-03-07 Jönköping Kristina
  • Axel Emil Winblad 1861-07-26 Jönköping Sofia
  • Alma Winblad 1862-09-05 Jönköping Sofia
  • Karl Winblad 1866-02-03 Jönköping Sofia
  • Lena Gustava Winblad 1874-09-10 Jönköping Sofia
  • Anna Elisabet Winblad 1876-11-29 Jönköping Sofia
  • Karl Winblad 1880-04-23 Barkeryd
  • Oskar Emil Leonhard Winblad 1880-10-31 Gränna
  • John Leonhard Winblad 1883-07-11 Gränna
  • Folke Viktor Filip Winblad 1884-03-28 Jönköping Sofia
  • Karl Erik Winblad 1884-04-30 Jönköping Sofia
  • Hjalmar Winblad 1889-05-01 Hakarp
  • Ebba Lovisa Winblad 1893-10-28 Gränna

Winblad marriages from SVAREdit

  • Johannes Winblad 1832-02-26 Katarina Susanna Brolin Järstorp
  • Karl Winblad Svenss 1832-12-02 Lena Jonasdotter Barkeryd
  • Karl Winblad Johans 1843-00-00 Helena Gustava Andersdotter Jönköping Kristina
  • Sven Magnus Winblad Andsrs 1863-11-03 Kristina Svensdotter Gränna
  • Karl August Winblad 1877-08-04 Hedvig Tenggren Jönköping Sofia

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