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Winifred Conboy of Hollygrove
1911 census Conboy Hogan Ireland
Sex: Female
Birth: 1828
Coalpits or Hollygrove
County Galway, Ireland
Baptism: Roman Catholic
Death: after 1911
Coalpits or Hollygrove
County Galway, Ireland
Burial: Coalpits
County Galway, Ireland
Father: Conboy X (c1820-?)
Siblings: James Conboy I (1837-1902)
Bridget Conboy (1841-aft1901)
Spouse/Partner: John Hogan (1828-1886)
Marriage: July 21, 1845 (age 17)
172 years ago
County Roscommon, Ireland
Children: Bridget Hogan (c1850-?)
Mary Hogan (c1850-?)
Moira Hogan (c1860-?)
Michael Hogan (1863-?)
Catherine Mary Hogan (1864-1941)
Jane Elizabeth Hogan (1864-1949)
Patrick Hogan (1868-aft1911)
Winifred Hogan (c1870-?)
Ann Hogan (c1870-?)
Nan Hogan (c1870-?)
Lorrie Hogan (1876-aft1901)

Winifred Conboy (1828-aft1911) was a housewife in Hollygrove, Ireland. (b. 1828; Hollygrove, Altheague, Killeroran, County Galway, Ireland - d. after 1911; Hollygrove, Athleague, Killeroran, County Galway, Ireland)

Name variationsEdit

  • Winifred Conboy
  • Winnifred Conboy


She was born in 1828 in Hollygrove, County Galway, Ireland to unknown parents. When the death certificate of James Conboy I (1837-1902) is found, their parents will be known. Michael Cuddy lists her as born in Curraghbaughla, Ireland.



Winifred married John Hogan (1828-1886) on July 21, 1845 in Hollygrove, County Galway, Ireland.


One of her daughters married a Healy. Winifred Healy appears in her household in the 1911 Ireland Census and she is listed as a granddaughter.

Hollygrove, IrelandEdit

Winifred Conboy appeared in the 1901 Irish Census as a widow who cannot read and write. She was living with her children: Patrick Hogan (1866-?); and Elizabeth Hogan (1876-?) aka Lorrie Hogan. Hollygrove had 12 families in 1901. In the 1911 Irish Census she was living with: Patrick Hogan; Elizabeth Hogan; and Winifred Healy (1903-?). Winifred was the daughter of Winifred Hogan and John Healy.


The date of her death is not known.


She is most likely buried in Hollygrove, Ireland.


Winifred Conboy (1828-?) was the second great-grandaunt of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) and of Ann Elizabeth O'Malley (1933- ). She was the second great-grandmother of Dierdre Anne Laura Kellar (1950- ); and of Michael Cuddy of Kiltoom, Roscommon, Ireland.

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