Winifred Hogan (c1870-?)




  • Thomas Healy (c1900-c2000)

Memories about Winifred HoganEdit

  • Anne Morrissey Noonan writes on July 16, 2008: Dear Mr. Norton: I was reviewing your posting on a genealogy website, and note that you had a posting regarding Thomas Morrissey from Athenry, Ireland. Thomas Morrissey was my great grandfather. His son, John Morrissey was my grandfather. My father was Richard Morrissey. John Morrissey died December 30th, 1953. He was married to Mary Duffy of Kilmovee, County Mayo, Ireland. She died in August 1956. My father, Richard, died 2001. John and Mary lived in Manhattan, and later in Astoria and Woodside (Queens) New York. John, my grandfather, was a salesperson for the Kellogg (cereal) company. He was known to be a math genius, and won Euchre (card game) matches in NYC as a young child. We have been many times to Hollygrove, Ireland, including having stayed at the old homestead of Catherine Mary Hogan (who went by the name Kate, not Mary as has been reported in other postings). Kate Hogan's sister (Winifred) married John Healy. Their son, Tom Healy, my father's first cousin, lived in Athleague. We knew Tom (aka Granddad Healy), as he lived to be nearly 100 years old. He was married to Kate Healy who is still living. The Healy familys that are related to us reside in Roscommon. We also knew Kate Hogan's nephew John Hogan who lived in the house in Hollygrove, Ireland. The house in Hollygrove was sold sometime around the year 2001 to the next door neighbor who had been a good friend to John in his old age. Sincerely, Annie Noonan.