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Winifred Skinner (1899-1993) and George Francis McManus (1896-1989) circa 1970-1980

1920 census Skinner-Winifred

1920 US census

Winifred Skinner (1899-1993) aka Winnie Skinner; Housewife (b. February 18, 1899, Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA - d. September 1993, Oakland, Bergen County, New Jersey, 07436, USA) Social Security Number 152208587.


Winnie was the daughter of Algernon E. Skinner (1867-1943) and Mamie Mary Caulfield (1875-c1920). Algernon died from the gangrene in his leg caused by his diabetes.


Winifred had the following siblings: Hattie Skinner (1894-?) who may have been institutionalized; George Skinner (1897-?); Mary Skinner (1898-?); Florence Catherine Skinner (1901-1986) who married Eugene Freudenberg I (1900-1956); and Robert Skinner (1904-c1942).


In 1920 she was living without her parents and her two siblings in Jersey City, New Jersey. On April 8, 1920 Winnie married George Francis McManus I (1896-1989).


Together thay had the following children: George Francis McManus II (1921-1989) who married Margaret; Edward McManus (1925-1989) who married Doris; James; and Winifred.

New JerseyEdit

When Winifred and George retired they bought a house in Leonardo, New Jersey. Winifred Skinner had diabetes and she went into a diabetic coma, so they moved to Oakland where her daughter Winifred McManus lived.


Winifred Skinner died in Oakland, New Jersey in 1993.


Her remains were cremated.

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