Hiram Lloyd (c1825-)
Samuel Hughes Lloyd (1849-1938)
Ellen Hughes (1825-1896)
Elmer Bruce Lloyd (1887-1948)
Bartholomew Higgins (bef1827-1877)
Jane Ellen Higgins (1859-1917)
Susanna Swales (c1812-1873)
Winston Dale Lloyd (1929)
William Herrington (1755-1822)
John A. Herrington (1801-1859)
Margaret Bayles (c1755-)
Isaac Newton Herrington (c1846-1913)
Sarah J. Mathis (1808-1878)
Inez (Sissy) Minerva Herrington (1890-1986)
James Boykin (c1840-)
Ezella Boykin (1866-1959)
Jane Carolina McKeown (c1840-)

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