Caption EntryThe Captives of Abb's Valley: A Legend of Frontier LIfe, by James Moore Brown, DD, (a son of Mary Moore). New Edition, with Introduction, Notes, and Appendicies
Author:Robert Bell Woodworth, DSc.
Publisher:The McClure Co, Inc, Staunton
Electronic Source:Ancestry
Commentary:Woodworth reprinted the original, and added additional information, in the form of an introduction and appendicies. It is not always readily apparent where Brown leaves off and Woodward begins. Woodworth adds, for example a discussion of New Providence Church at the end of Brown's Narrative. It is not, however, obvious that Woodworth is the author of this material. Also, Woodworth apparently had Brown's earlier work re-typeset; during this process more information was placed on each page so that the page numbers in Woodworth do not correspond to those in Brown. Also, I've noticed at some points that Woodworth chose to revise the paragraphing of Brown, breaking longer monolithic sections into multiple shorter paragraphs. I have not noticed any changes in wording, or insertion of new information, but have not compared the two documents word for word to definitively check that.

Finally, Woodworth adds an Appendix on "The House of Moore", in which he deals with the ancestry of the family, and in particular the family of James Moore's wife, Jane Walker, son of John Walker III and Katherine Rutherford. This treatment includes considerable information on the Alleine and Rutherford families, none of which is in the original by Brown. Presumably Woodworth drew on White, 1902 for the bulk of this information. Woodworth's presentation of this information is somewhat more detailed than what is presented in White, 1902 and other earlier works. This suggests that Woodworth examined these aspects of the family history, and that what is presented on this subject in "The House of Moore" reflects his own research. It is unfortunate that Woodworth does not cite the sources for most of the information he presents.

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