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Woore County is one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales.

Woore County was named in honour of Commissioner of Crown Lands John C Woore.[1]

Parishes within this countyEdit

A full list of parishes found within this county; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Baden Park Central Darling Shire 32°10′34″S 144°12′43″E / -32.17611, 144.21194 (Baden Park)
Bambilla Central Darling Shire 32°17′05″S 144°17′14″E / -32.28472, 144.28722 (Bambilla)
Banny Cobar Shire 32°02′28″S 144°18′22″E / -32.04111, 144.30611 (Banny)
Barcham Cobar Shire 32°19′50″S 144°45′59″E / -32.33056, 144.76639 (Barcham)
Berangabah Cobar Shire 32°16′42″S 144°32′10″E / -32.27833, 144.53611 (Berangabah)
Boingadah Central Darling Shire 32°22′00″S 144°23′59″E / -32.3666667, 144.39972 (Boingadah)
Brougham Cobar Shire unknown
Bulla Cobar Shire 31°50′38″S 144°34′33″E / -31.84389, 144.57583 (Bulla)
Bullberry Central Darling Shire 32°34′06″S 144°19′40″E / -32.56833, 144.32778 (Bullberry)
Carrington Cobar Shire 32°06′51″S 144°46′52″E / -32.11417, 144.78111 (Carrington)
Cathkin Central Darling Shire 32°10′35″S 144°02′03″E / -32.17639, 144.03417 (Cathkin)
Cooruba Central Darling Shire 32°27′43″S 144°28′45″E / -32.46194, 144.47917 (Cooruba)
Emerald Cobar Shire 31°55′54″S 144°45′34″E / -31.93167, 144.75944 (Emerald)
Emerald Cobar Shire 31°58′01″S 144°45′35″E / -31.96694, 144.75972 (Emerald)
Eurugabah Cobar Shire 32°12′57″S 144°40′26″E / -32.21583, 144.67389 (Eurugabah)
Hann Central Darling Shire 32°05′32″S 144°08′09″E / -32.09222, 144.13583 (Hann)
Hay Shire Council Central Darling Shire 32°21′17″S 143°57′08″E / -32.35472, 143.95222 (Hay Shire Council)
Kerpa Central Darling Shire 32°16′22″S 143°55′25″E / -32.27278, 143.92361 (Kerpa)
Kew Cobar Shire 32°05′47″S 144°21′25″E / -32.09639, 144.35694 (Kew)
Koorinya Cobar Shire 32°06′39″S 144°32′29″E / -32.11083, 144.54139 (Koorinya)
Kulki Cobar Shire 32°12′31″S 144°56′32″E / -32.20861, 144.94222 (Kulki)
Lanty Cobar Shire 32°10′01″S 144°27′30″E / -32.16694, 144.45833 (Lanty)
Manara Central Darling Shire unknown
Marfield Central Darling Shire 32°30′48″S 144°12′27″E / -32.51333, 144.2075 (Marfield)
Moama Cobar Shire unknown
Nekarboo Cobar Shire unknown
Sandy Cobar Shire 32°13′32″S 144°22′10″E / -32.22556, 144.36944 (Sandy)
Temounga Cobar Shire 32°00′34″S 144°41′39″E / -32.00944, 144.69417 (Temounga)
Tiltagara Cobar Shire 31°54′01″S 144°37′27″E / -31.90028, 144.62417 (Tiltagara)
Tooranie Central Darling Shire 32°15′37″S 144°05′03″E / -32.26028, 144.08417 (Tooranie)
Warra Wigra Cobar Shire 32°22′27″S 144°36′31″E / -32.37417, 144.60861 (Warra Wigra)
Widgee Central Darling Shire 32°21′17″S 144°10′12″E / -32.35472, 144.17 (Widgee)


  1. ^ Geographical Names Board of NSW

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