Iam looking for my grandfathers family. His name was Jason Custance Jones. He had 2 marrriages. His first marriage was to Isabella Calhoun. They had 5 children: Silas, Jimmy, Olivia, Florida and Ann (aka Preenie). His second marriage was to my grandmother Dehlia Williams. They also had 5 children: Effie (my mother), Sophie, Los Angeles, Paul and Arvie.

My mother was born in Water Valley in about 1904 as were all of her simblings.

My grandfather and grandmother came to Canada in 1910 as part of a train of black people that left from Oklahoma. I was told that 3 of my granfathers children of his first family remained in Mississippi. That would be Olivia, Florida and Ann.

Is there any records or anyway I can find out if any of these relatives lived and died in Water Valley.

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