Setting Up and Using a User Page

One of the most helpful things on a wiki is your "User Page". When you register with the Genealogy Wiki (or if you have already registered with another Wikia), you are automatically assigned a user page, under whatever name you registered with. Your user page includes a number of related pages, including as many subpages as you like, that you can use to help organize your efforts on the wiki. See the "My page" link that appears on most pages.

Many people use the user page to tell others something about themselves---it allows you to identify your interests, background, or whatever it is that you want others to know about you.

There's also a related page (your User Talk Page) that allows others to contact you without going through email.

Some users have found it convenient to use this area to keep track of what they are doing on the wiki. For example, some people keep a list of relatives for whom they've created articles - or even use it to create an easy link to each proposed article. (This can be very handy. You'd be surprised how quickly you forget who it was that you've written about, sometimes resulting in the creation of duplicate articles under slightly different names. It's not always easy to keep track of these folks, so keeping a list in one form or another can be a good idea.)

Also, it's sometimes helpful to have a private "sandbox" to play in when you're experimenting with different features of the wiki. You can always use the main Sandbox for this, but there the work will go away when the next person comes to play. If you create a subpage of your own user page, whatever you put there is unlikely to go away until you want it to.

Also, while there's no guarantees here, the courtesy convention is that people do not change another person's User Page, except to correct typos. Sometimes things happen, and someone will make a change (perhaps out of ignorance, perhaps because there's a specific need to do so), but in general, you should be able to expect and get freedom from editing by others on your user page.

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