The sole representative of the Zygmuntowicz family of Staroźreby, Poland thusfar is Petronella Zygmuntowicz (c1820-?). The name 'Zygmuntowicz' , lit. Sigmond's Son tends to indicate Germanic origin. Based on other individuals with this surname in other parts of Poland, it is speculated that the family may have had some Jewish roots.

Possible Relatives in WykowoEdit

There was a man by the name of Antoni Zygmuntowicz (c1860-?) who lived in nearby Wykowo, Poland. Anthony had two sons, Adam Zygmuntowicz (c1887-?) and Jan Zygmuntowicz (c1888-?), that immigrated to the United States.

Also of this family was Joseph Zygmuntowicz (1890-1975), likely a third brother, who also immigrated to Michigan. Both Joseph and Jan worked for the Ford Motor Company. Adam resided in Pennsylvania when he first arrived in the United States, but later moved to Michigan as well.

It is presently unknown whether Antoni and Petronella were related. However, Staroźreby and Wykowo are less than 20 miles apart.

I am from Zygmuntowicz family in Sosnowiec, woj, katowickie. Great grand mother Helena Zygmuntowicz nee Gandera married Pawel Zygmutowicz z Sosnowca.

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